• As a competitive athlete diagnosed with celiac almost 5 years ago, I was still having plenty of issues with my skin, overall inflammation and a total lack of energy. Put simply, I felt awful. I’m someone who is always on the go and not the most experienced in the kitchen, but Andrea made the process so much easier than I could have imagined.  I thought I would be overwhelmed by all the changes I needed to make, but she proved to me that eating the right way doesn’t have to be overwhelming or stressful.  With the right information, tools and preparation I can now sustain this way of eating and holistic health for the rest of my life. I cannot recommend Andrea enough. 

    Paige H. Competitive Athlete
  • I was recently diagnosed with celiac and immediately reached out to Andrea! Within a day, she was guiding me through the aisles of Trader Joe's helping me understand what foods were and weren't safe. With her support, I realized that there were tons of my favorite foods that I could still enjoy, and she helped me identify some of the sneakiest sources of gluten I would have definitely overlooked on my own. Seriously a lifesaver in a way that none of the doctors have been!

    Kellie W. Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, DEI Collective
  • I worked with Andrea on some tweaks to my diet and nutrition plan. Since implementing them, I've been feeling really excellent. It was refreshing to see I didn't have to do a complete diet overhaul to see major changes in my energy levels and how I feel throughout the day. Would recommend her to anyone.

    Jill O. Founder, The Career Passport
  • Andrea is a culinary artist. You get the sense that she treats each ingredient she's cooking with like an old friend. The gluten-free menu she designed had all of us peeking and sneaking bites before things were even done. The meal was divine - everyone asked for seconds and thirds.

    Andrew K. Entrepreneur

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